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My Experience Nepal to United of Kingdom (UK), United state of America (USA) , Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), Europe,Middle East And Asia

Ramesh lama 

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    I would like sharing with you about the my country which is my birth place (NEPAL) and my Experience. Nepal is a landlocked country with India on three of its sides and China to the north. It covers an area of 147181 square kilometres and is divided on three regions (Himalayan which is the coldest with its tall snow capped mountains, Hilly with its mild temperatures and Tarai with hot climate), 14 zones and 75 districts. It has 8 of the world’s highest mountains, some of its deepest valleys and many other natural treasures. It is also very rich in water resources with many rivers originated from the melting of the snow. My birth place lies mountain area it lies Ganesh Himal and Langtang Himal very  closed
                                                                              More than 45% of the people live below the poverty line in Nepal despite the natural riches the country contains. Life in Nepal is very simple but at the same time it is very tough. Apart from some important cities, most of the other regions still depend on agriculture and farming for survival. A typical adolescent life in rural areas starts off at early dawn. You have all sorts of tasks to do from cattling to cooking, schooling to working in the fields and looking after siblings if you have any. This applies to the majority of people living on Nepal. Nepal is culturally diversified with people of all religions living together in harmony. More than 80% of the people are Hindu, but there is also a large number of Buddhist peoples. Everyone usually starts their day with a prayer to god in Nepal. You can find temples after every 10-15 minutes’ walk.
                                                 The economy of Nepal is very poor. Its income depends on mainly Tourism and primary production. As there are millions of tourists in Nepal every year, almost everyone can speak a word or two of English. Its lack of secondary and tertiary industries causes major unemployment problems in Nepal. However Nepalese people are known for their hospitality around the world, almost none of the tourists leave Nepal without having a fond memory. There is a famous quote among tourists who have lived a natural and traditional life on Nepal for a while. “Don’t try to modify Nepal, let Nepal modify you”
 Due to the lack of employment and good higher qualifications, thousands of people, especially young people have to leave the country every year. They have to labor in another country in order to support their family. One of the major income sources of Nepal is from  BIDESH “Which is from overseas like tourist. I spent my childhood on   Rasuwa   it lies north part of Nepal, and now I live in England. I have moved around my whole life so I never truly got to understand any one culture. I’ve moved around for a better education and future opportunities. I been more than 10 country  The culture in Nepal and other countries is very different. For example there are things Nepal’s social custom doesn’t allow that are allowed elsewhere. Like a man and a woman living together without marrying. I think Nepal still has a lot of room for improvement.
       Life in Nepal and England is very different. England is a busy country. Everyone is busy here. People here are always looking for more chances to explore and earn money. On the other hand life in Nepal is slow and Nepali  few people is rich. People usually have lot of free time there. In Nepal there are many social events and festivals where everyone celebrates together regardless of caste or colour.  In England people are usually busy with their own life. Schools in Nepal are stricter and still punishments are given to students. The school time is longer with fewer breaks than in England. There are many rules to follow in school. For example proper uniform, respect to teacher, boys can’t have their hair long etc which are allowed in English schools. In Nepal it’s not just government law people have to follow, there are many social norms and values to keep in mind which always obstructs people from moving further. I want to study  in England  after then i will back in my home country NEPAL because there are lots of opportunities NEPAL. I think I can build a better future my country. I want to go to Nepal when my
study finishes from ENGLAND.   I love my family. I miss the people in Nepal, my friends, my families, neighbours and everyone that used to be around.

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Ramesh lama
2010 -12-24 ..
Galang and Ganesh himal Trek
Gatlang Tamang Trek is a new and unique trek to an area opened to visitors only in 2004. This trek is an excellent opportunity for people in search of natural beauty, traditional cultures and Buddhist way of living.

Some of the highlights of this trek are:
1. A true insight into the Tamang culture.
2. Active interaction with the local population, experiencing their genuine warmth and welcome.
3. The visit of the picturesque village of Gatlang with its many colours, traditional dresses, typical dances.
4. The wildlife around the secret lake of Parbati Kunda.
5. A stroll along "Rasuwa Gadi", another form of the famous Chinese Wall.

6. Maybe just a little more than a glimpse on the Tibetan market "Kamba Tar" on the other side of the border.
7. The hot bath with water from the hot springs of Tatopani.
8. In an expedition style trek you will enjoy unforgettable days in settings that haven't lost the charm of centuries old culture and friendship with all men, a stroll through a hilly terrain with excellent views on the towering peaks and impressive glaciers of the Langtang Himalayan mountain range.

Gatlang Tamang Trekking Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu (Arrival)
Arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu
Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Day 03: Kathmandu - Trisuli
Trekking from Kathmandu to Trisuli.

Day 04: Dunche - Shyabru
Trekking from Dunche to Shyabru.

Day 05: Shyabru - Goljung
Trekking from Shyabru to Goljung.

Day 06: Goljung - Parbati Kunda
Trekking from Goljung to Parbati Kunda.

Day 07: Parbati kunda - Gatland
Trekking from Parbati Kunda to Gatland.

Day 08: Gatland - Chorten Trail
Trekking from Gatland to Chorten Trail.

Day 09: Chorten Trail - Tatopani
Trekking from Chorten Trail to Tataopani.

Day 10: Tatopani - Nag Thali
Trekking from Tatopani to Nag Thali

Day 11: Nag Thali- Timure
Trekking from Nag Thali to Timure.

Day 12: Timure - Rasuwa gadi
Trekking from Timure to Rasuwa gadi.

Day 13: Rasuwa gadi - Thuman
Trekking from Rasuwa Gadi to Thuman.

Day 14: Thuman - Bridim
Trekking from Thuman to Bridim.

Day 15: Bridim - Shyabrubesy
Trekking from Bridim to Shyabrubesy.

Day 16: Shyabrubesy - Kathmandu
Drive from Shyabrubesy to Kathmandu.

Day 17: Kathmandu
Free day in Kathmandu.

Day 18: Kathmandu (Departure)
Flight to home destination.

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परदेशको जीवन

Ramesh lama
आग्लो जिन्दगीको झ्यालमा बसेर   अण्डाझै फुटेको जिन्दगी हेरिरहेको छु म  तलतिर म यथर्थाको अगानमा  आफ्ना अनगिन्ती सम्झनाका  दयाराबाट माथि उठेर हेर्छु  , म  अनी  देख्छु मेरो छारपस्ट   फुटेको सिसा झै  मेरो जिन्दगी को अबसेशहरु  दुरबस्तिमा धमिलो जस्तो देखी रह्ने  स्‍मृतिका क्षणहरु मेरो मुटु  झलिरहन्छ  मेरो मन सालभलाई रहन्छ ।
 फेरी म पुरानो ति दिनहरुलाई  सम्झेर हेर्छु  अनी ति सबै दु:ख हरुको दिन सँग को मिताउलो सकिएको झै लाग्छ तर त्यो भन्दा ठुलो  पहिरोमा  पर्खाल लगाइ रहेकोझै  लाग्छ आजकालको दिनहरु ,भोली कतै राम्रो सुखाको बाटो बन्छकी भनेर दौडिरहेको छु ।
   दु:खको कुरा गर्ने हरु  कतै पनि भेटिन्दैन  सुख खोजेर  दौडिनेहरु कता छन कता ?  मेरो दु:ख सुखको समिस्रण जिन्दगीको अनुभवमा यो भन्छु मनिषहरु सुखको   खोजिमा  भात्ट्किरहेको हुन्छन आजको दु:खहरुलाई बिर्सेंर  तर  कही कतै भेटिन्दैन मनिषको सुख खोज्नु तिर्खा लगेको हरिण झस्तै हो त्यसैले म हल आफ्नो जन्म दिनुहुने पितामातालाई छाडेर बिदेशमा छड्पाडी रहेको छु………

रमेश  लामा

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Resource in Israel

Ramesh lama
Ramesh lama
Bagmati, Nepal

History of Israel:
                            The History of Israel refers to the history of Israeli statehood since the country's declaration of independence on May 14, 1948. The  State of  Israel was established after nearly two thousand years of  Jewish dispersal Jewish and years of Zionist  endeavours in the sphere of agriculture, economic development and educational activity with the goal of creating a homeland of  the Jewish people. The 63 years since Israeli independence have been marked by conflict with neighbouring Arab states and the Palestinian Arabs  In the wake of ongoing talks and negotiations, peace has been achieved with Egypt and Jordan. Since the creation of the Jewish state, the proportion of the world's Jews who live in Israel has grown to about 40% now this country

Economy of Israel: 
                              Some of the overseas people working  in the Israel. for the exemplary Nepal  Philippines and other country's  diversified market economy with moderate state ownership and a rapidly developing high techs sector, which is backed by a thriving.Venture capital industry. Israel  possesses a substantial service sector and the Israel diamond industry  is one of the world's centers for  Diamond cutting and polishing. It is also a world leader in Software  development and is a major tourist destination. The major industrial sectors include metal products, electronic and biomedical equipment, processed foods, chemicals, and transport equipment. Relatively poor in natural resources, Israel depends on imports of petroleum, coal  food, uncut dimonds and production inputs, though the country's nearly total reliance on energy imports may change with recent discoveries of large gas reserves off its coast. The high concentration of high-tech industries in Israel, gave it the nickname " Silicon wadi", which is considered second in importance only to isreal .
Land of Israel

Map showing one interpretation of the borders of the Promised Land, based on God's promise to Abraham (Genesis 15) The Holly Bible said
Genesis 15:18 to 22 describes what are known as "Borders of the Land" (Gevulot Ha-aretz)which in Jewish tradition defines the extent of the land promise 
 Wonderful Israel my views :  I was been in Israel on the 2010 December 23rd  of  December from London UK to Israel  Via Japan  and lading  in Telaaviv  airport. December 24th my travel was start  during that time Israel security by checking my bag in the Telaviv Thakna  shopping  that time my laptop was damaged .  that time i have four friends  one of the main guide Miss Gurung , Sanu Sherpa and Mr. Milan lama .I Was visiting In Telaviv city  , Capital of the Israel Jerusalem, Haifa garden    Bethlehem and Kalahari Mountain .

Some point  of Jesus Christ
 Jesus Christ: His identity, life, death and resurrection — I am the light of the world…

2010 December30th  Return Back in England London
Writer by  Ramesh lama

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